Yan Lyu

Born in Beijing, China
Corrent in Baltimore, USA

Contact: yanlyu0827@gmail.com

My artwork delves into the confusion and self-reflection experienced by millennials as
they navigate society. Leaving home and studying abroad prompted me to reflect on my
past experiences and their influence on my present self. By incorporating my own
experiences and interviews with young teenagers, my work examines familial beliefs
and the pursuit of self-worth.
My two dimensional and three dimensional pieces emphasize a sense of conflict and
entanglement, as they explore young people's reflections on group dynamics and
individuality, past and future, and the relationship between family and self. By visualizing
memories, I manifest these “traces” in my artwork. The audience is prompted to
experience the irreversible and everlasting impact of past traumas.
People inevitably experience hardships and pain while growing up, but these
challenging external forces ultimately shape and mold a new sense of self, one that
reflects resilience and growth. My hope is for the audience to engage with the
confusion, struggle, and uncertainty characteristic of youth in order to foster profound
contemplation and empathy.
©2023 by Yan Lyu.