Yan Lyu

Born in Beijing, China
Corrent in Baltimore, USA

Contact: yanlyu0827@gmail.com

Yan Lyu, is a visual artist born in 1999 in Beijing, China, now located in Baltimore, USA. In 2017, she moved to the United States for higher education. She honed her artistic skills and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In 2022, she pursued a Master's degree in Rinehart School of Sculpture at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

As an interdisciplinary artist, Yan seamlessly blends a spectrum of mediums including painting, sculpture, photography, comics, and video. Her current art practice delves into themes of self-healing and personal redemption, with a particular focus on the experiences of young adults in their twenties, and more specifically, female Chinese individuals. Her works into a deeply personal journey, reflecting themes of growth, resilience, and identity.
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